Countries in the Northern Hemisphere?


Countries in the Northern Hemisphere include Equatorial Guinea, parts of Kenya, parts of Somalia, São Tomé and Príncipe, Uganda and Maldives.The latitude that divides the northern and southern Hemisphere is the Equator.
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- Entirety of Europe. Entirety of North America. The vast majority of. A. sia. More than half of Africa, just below the "horn" A small part of South America, north of the
The Northern hemisphere of Earth contains the entirety of Europe,
(See the source of this info for more details as the continents described below contain many countries and regions that may not exactly fit the criteria you are looking for) Continents
1. Find the "Big Dipper" in the northern hemisphere. Though the Big Dipper is not a constellation, it is easily recognized by any amateur. The Big Dipper resembles a spoon
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The earth is divided into four hemispheres namely the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western. Different continents and countries fall into different hemispheres ...
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