What Countries Border Iran?


The countries that border Iran are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Iran is in the Southern and Western of Asia. It is the eighteenth largest country in the world .
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Armenia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Turkey Iran has seven countries which border it; the six above plus Turkmenistan
It shares borders with Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Afghanistan,
There are six countries that border Afghanistan. They are Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China are the bordering states.
The concept of open borders has many supporters as well as detractors. Those who support open borders argue that it is more conducive to immigration and free trade, offering successful
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The border of Iran is 5440 km - 3380 miles and is shared with Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, and Turkmenistan.
Countries that border:
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