What countries border Mexico to the north and south?


Mexico is a federal constitutional republic in North America. Mexico is bordered by the United States to the north and Belize, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea to the southeast. To the east of Mexico is the Gulf of Mexico.
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The border of Mexico is 4353 km - 2704 miles and is shared with Belize, Guatemala, and the United States.
Countries that border:
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The three border countries of Mexico are United States of America, Belize and Guatemala. Mexico is the Americas fifth largest country by total area and the 14th ...
Mexico is bordered by Belize and Guatemala to the south, and the United States to the north. Four states in the USA actually share a border with Mexico. They are ...
Three countries share a border with Mexico: the United States, Guatemala and Belize. The United States is located to the north of Mexico, while both Guatemala ...
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