What Country Has Has the Highest Rainfall?


Bangladesh is the country that has recorded the highest rainfall. It receives approximately 11, 873 millimeters of rainfall per annum on an average. Italy and Germany get about 930 mm perception a year and United Kingdom get about 750 mm of rainfall.
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The countries that receive the highest rainfall in the world are Colombia, Liberia, American Samoa, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Bangladesh. The wettest place in
Rank Location Rainfall( in Inches) 1. Mt. Waialeale, Hawaii 460.00. 2. Monrovia, Liberia 202.01. 3. Pago Pago, American Samoa 196.46. 4. Moulmein, Burma 191.02. 5. Lae, Papua New
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According to a study, Mobile, Alabama has the highest amount of rainfall per year at 67 inches.
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The most wettest place in the world is Mount Wai-'ale-'ale in Hawaii. The rainfall there is 11455 mm per year.
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