What country has the most volcanoes?


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Indonesia has more active volcanoes than any other country, including some of the world's most famous like Krakatoa, Tambora and Merapi.
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Seventy-six percent of the volcanoes in Indonesia are located along the Sunda Volcanic Arc. The arc is caused by the tectonic plate carrying the floor of the Indian Ocean slipping beneath the continental Asian plate. Among the volcanoes present in Indonesia is Krakatau; its eruption in 1883 resulted in 36,000 deaths. This was the second-deadliest eruption in Indonesian history. In 1815, Tambora erupted and killed 92,000 people, the deadliest eruption in both Indonesian history and world history.

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The country that has the most active volcanoes is Indonesia. It has a total of 167 out of the possible 850 active volcanoes in the world. Some of these volcanoes ...
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