What country music video is an animated one where a dad is left home to take care of the kids?


The video is probably Mr. Mom by American country music band Lonestar. The song was written by Ron Harbin, Richie McDonald and Don Pfrimmer as a tribute to mothers and was released in July of 2004 on Lonestar's fifth studio album "Let's Be Us Again."

The music video is set in Nashville, Tennessee, where a father has to stay home to take care of his three kids while his wife goes to work. The father underestimates the chore but soon realizes how hard it is to be a mom himself as the children go about their antics. One kid draws on the walls with crayons and conducts various experiments with their dog. Another kid wears a superhero costume and takes photos of things happening around the house. The baby constantly goes missing, and various strangers keep showing up at the front door to return the baby. All of this is happening while the father is struggling to do chores like cooking, cleaning the house, changing the baby's diaper and just keeping the house from falling apart.

Roman White and Revolution Pictures directed the music video.

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