What county is Liverpool in?


Liverpool is located in the county of Merseyside which also includes the boroughs of Knowsley, Wirral, Sefton and St Helens. Merseyside grew from a rural community to a bustling urban sprawl, and much of this growth is attributed to the county's docks.
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No county in Ireland wants to harm Liverpool's manager.
Liverpool has been in the metropolitan county of Merseyside since 1974. However, in 1986, the county council was dissolved, effectively leaving the City of Liverpool as a unitary
The Ireland of England!
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Liverpool is in the Merseyside county. It is the home of the Liverpool Football club
Liverpool is a city and a metropolitan borough of Merseyside, England. The official number of population is over 435.500 people and with total area of over 43.2 sq miles.
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