What Credit Score Do You Need to Rent an Apartment?


Most, but not all landlords or letting agents will require evidence of your credit scoring prior to accepting your application for an apartment to rent. However, a good credit score that you need to have in any case to be able to rent an apartment in case of checks, is 680 or higher. You can obtain your credit scoring record from Equifax, Experian or TransUnion.
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Any credit score below 620-which is actually considered good credit-could put you at risk for being turned down for an apartment. The best apartments have many potential renters vying
Adding to Philip's answer, for most landlords credit scores serve as assurance for your probability of defaulting on your obligations - but a large collateral serves the same purpose
Your landlord would have to report payments to the credit bureau.
Generally speaking you'll want a credit
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What Credit Score Do I Need to Rent an Apartment?
Your credit score can affect many aspects of your financial life, including your ability to rent an apartment. Along with your income, your credit score is a key factor on most apartment applications. Landlords use your credit score to gauge whether you... More »
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The credit needed to acquire an apartment depends on the landlord. Some do an extensive credit check and want people with no blemishes. Others will give renters ...
A credit score 577 is risky that means you will have trouble obtaining a loan. Car rental companies require a credit card which serves as collateral. If you have ...
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