What Currency Is Used in Dublin?


The currency that is used in Dublin, Ireland is known as the Euro. The euro replaced the Irish pound in the year 2000 after the Irish pound was officially ratified as a subdivision of the euro and also as a requirement of the European Union.
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The currency in Dublin, Ireland is the Punt (The Irish Pound). The Irish pound (Punt) is divided into 100 pence, one pound (?1). Currency notes are available in ?5, ?10, ?20, ?50 and ?100. The Irish Punt is not normally accepted in Northern Ireland as the British Pound Sterling is used.
The currency used in the Dublin is the Euro, although English, Scottish and Northern Ireland notes are accepted in some places. However, banks, bureau de changes' as well as travel agents are widely available around the city to facilitate the exchange of money.
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euro and pens.
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The Euro is the only currency that is officially recognised as legal tender
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euro and pens ...
euro and pens ...
euro and pens ...
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