What currency is used in the Caribbean?


The island nations of the Caribbean use several different currencies, including the U.S. dollar, the Eastern Caribbean dollar and the Euro. Although the official currency varies from country to country, most merchants in the Caribbean accept the U.S. dollar, regardless of its official status.

Because travellers in the Caribbean frequently carry U.S. dollars, many merchants provide prices in both dollars and their local currency. Visitors should note that USD prices may be higher than those in local currency. As many Caribbean nations also use the Eastern Caribbean dollar, it is important that travellers clarify which dollar is being referenced when shopping.

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There are many different Islands, and different countries, currency varies from Island to Island, but the U.S. dollar has value there and can easily be exchanged.
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On the ship itself, it depends on where you originated. the US$ is widely accepted. Once you're disembarking though, you may have a little problem with regards to currency. US should
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