What currency is used in Turkey?


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The Turkish Lira is the currency for Turkey
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The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira. One lira is made up of 100 kurush but the kurush unit is only seldom used due to high inflation rates. As of April 2011, one British pound goes for about 2.5 Turkish lira.
The current currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira. It is best to obtain your Turkish liras in Turkey rather than before you leave home, as the exchange rates outside Turkey are usually not as good as those inside the country. UK pounds sterling are accepted in some places of Turkey.
The currency that is used in Turkey is called the Turkish Lira. One Turkish Lira is equivalent to 0.4193 British Pounds.
The currency of Turkey as of 1st of January 2005 is the New Turkish Lira. Turkey currency banknotes are in dominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200-lira denominations an one lira is subdivided into 100 kurus.
Turkey's currency is known as the Lira
Turkey's currency is Turkish Lira and is issued by the country's central bank. It is sub divided into a hundred kurus and is also used by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The currency was preceded by Ottoman Lira.
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The unit of Turkish money is the Turkish Lira and Euros are the best foreign currencies to use in Turkey. Dollars are also good and UK pounds sterling are accepted ...
The unit of Turkish money is the Turkish Lira, which is divided into 100 kurus. Some foreign currencies are accepted such as the Euro, which is best, US dollars ...
Turkey's currency was called the Turkish pound in Ottoman Turkey. From 2005 through 2008 it was called the New Turkish Lira, which was changed as of January 1, ...
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