What currency should I take to Turkey?


The unit of Turkish money is the Turkish Lira, which is divided into 100 kurus. Some foreign currencies are accepted such as the Euro, which is best, US dollars and UK pounds sterling. Old pre-2005 Turkish Lira notes and coins are not accepted in stores and so you should therefore not accept them as change.
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New Turkish Lir.
The currency in Turkey is the Turkish lira.
The currency of Turkey is the lira. One US dollar is 1.3179 liras. Any more questions? Text us again!
Turkish Lira 1 US Dollar(s) = 1.2525 Turkish Lira
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US Dollars and Euros are widely accepted in Turkey. Rate is much lower when you convert your money to Turkish Liras in your home town
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The unit of Turkish money is the Turkish Lira and Euros are the best foreign currencies to use in Turkey. Dollars are also good and UK pounds sterling are accepted ...
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