What Cursive Fonts Are in Photoshop?


You can search the internet for cursive fonts in Photoshop. There are websites available for Photoshop information. You can find specific cursive fonts with a web search.
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Fonts that appear to have been created by hand are referred to as brush scripts. These brush scripts include some of the most widely used cursive fonts available in Photoshop and
In Photoshop CS5 you only get two cursive fonts. Brushcript - http://store1.adobe.com/cfusion/store/ht…. Giddyup - which is sort of a cursive font - http://store1.adobe.com
monotype corsiva.
1. Create a folder on your desktop to temporarily store the fonts that you download. Move your cursor to a blank spot on your desktop and right click. Click on "Create Folder
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What Cursive Fonts Are in Photoshop?
Adobe's Photoshop software is a visual arts program that allows users to create, manipulate and render images for a variety of projects. Photoshop version 12.1 is currently released for users on its own or part of the Adobe CS5, or Creative Suites 5,... More »
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