What Cursive Fonts Are in Photoshop?


You can search the internet for cursive fonts in Photoshop. There are websites available for Photoshop information. You can find specific cursive fonts with a web search.
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Isn´t it like in other programs, that you first choose a font and then press a button or so, B for Bold, I for kursiv?
Just got the answer from someone. Figured I would answer my own question rather than deleting since a couple searches couldn't get me the answer I was looking for. First set your
The font used is Royal Acid or Royal Acid Outline. You can download Royal Acid for free from Urban Fonts http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Royal_Ac… You can download Royal Acid
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What Cursive Fonts Are in Photoshop?
Adobe's Photoshop software is a visual arts program that allows users to create, manipulate and render images for a variety of projects. Photoshop version 12.1 is currently released for users on its own or part of the Adobe CS5, or Creative Suites 5,... More »
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