What Damage Do Hurricanes Cause?


The damages caused by hurricanes include deaths, destruction of property, blocking of transport systems as well as displacement of populations. Some of the countries that have been affected by hurricanes include Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Sates of America and India.
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Tropical cyclones cause heavy rain, strong winds, tornadoes and storm surges that can cause flooding, power outages and damage to structures and property.
Cyclones also cause erosion along coastlines and can severely damage trees and other vegetation.
Hurricanes have the potential to cause a lot of damage. A hurricane can have very high winds that causes damage to buildings and trees. Roofs and siding can be ripped off of houses, and trees blown over. The flooding caused by hurricanes can cause a lot of water damage to buildings and property.
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Hurricanes are mostly caused by high winds over churning, warm water. Usually storms tend to die down when it hits cooler air. Global warming has been speculated ...
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