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Today is Friday. the day before the weekend. Friday is the day when a lot of people prepare for going on a weekend or when they are preparing to go out with their friends.
Thanksgiving occurs every year on the 4th Thursday in November. It's the day we give thanks for all that we have and that Black Friday is coming on the next day.
The constitution was created, officially, September 17, 1787. It has been amended twenty-seven times, throughout history. It is still currently the oldest and smallest constitution
Dating means that you are going out with a someone but are not in a serious relationship. If you 'date' you are not committed and free to date other people if you choose.
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A date is defined as a specified day of the month. As this is always changing the best way to find more information on today's particular date would be to visit the Time and Date website. Websites such as this will normally give information on the date.
To know what the date today is, visit www.whatsthedatetoday.com.
It is quit easy to know the current day's date if you have an internet connection. For the date and current local weather conditions in your area, you can visit todaydate, calendar date or even whatsthedatetoday.
To find out the date today, one can use an online calendar.
To know today's date one can check with the calender or visit the link given
Today's date is April 1, 2011. It is Friday. Time passes so fast it is often hard to remember the date without looking at the calendar once or twice. Days, weeks and months seem to fly by.
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To know your current date and month today you can check out sites such as 'what is the date today' which will provide you with your current date month and year ...
In 180 days, it will be July 16, 2010. Of course, that date will change depending on what day you are actually reading this. Today is January 27, 2010. ...
A date is a day on a calendar. To find out today’s date in English, if the language is in Spanish, go to: ...
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