What Day Does the IRS Issue Tax Refunds?


The IRS Issues Tax Refunds on Friday, the IRS usually processes e-file tax revenues in a day or two. Refund dispensation then is usually performed on a weekly agenda. Normally, if a return file is approved by the IRS before Friday, you will get your refund by direct credit on the Friday of the subsequent week. If you are expecting a 'paper' check that will be posted on Friday two weeks from the date your return is processed.
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The IRS can stop you from getting your refund if you owe back child support. This is done without any prior notification. One exception to this may be if you are married and your
Usually on Friday am.
Many people state that the IRS only deposits on
i got mine mailed on a monday, but the direct dep. are on a tuesday from all the ones my family have gotton.
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You can check the status of your income tax refund at IRS.gov.
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As of 2009, per the IRS website, there were 131,543,000 tax returns filed. Of those 96,673,000 received refunds totaling $259.348 billion. That left 34,870,000 ...
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