What Days Does the IRS Direct Deposit?


The IRS will direct deposit your income tax refund. When you make out your income tax and find out if you have a refund, you can then give them your checking account routing and account number. You will get a refund faster this way and more secure.
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1. File your income tax return using tax preparation software or a tax professional. Most software programs allow you to make an electronic funds transfer to the IRS. Be sure that
Usually they send direct deposits in the evening.
IRS direct deposits money into accounts
There are two systems at the IRS. The older one transmits refunds Thursday nights and Friday morning. How long it takes to post to your account depends upon your bank's practices.
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You can check the status of your income tax refund at IRS.gov.
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The IRS direct deposits the refunds on Thursday nights. When the refund shows up in the account is up to the bank. Some banks will post the money right away, but ...
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