What Did Albert Einstein Invented?


Albert Einstein invented a formula for mass. He was able to create the equation E=MC2. In a nutshell Einstein proved matter and energy can turn into one another. Specifically, matter can become energy and visa versa.
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Einstein wasn't really an "inventor. He was more of a theoretical physicist. In the sense that you can "invent" a theory, he was responsible for a great deal of relativity
He invented many things, but he is most famous for being "the father of electricity" He is the one who invented the light-bulb. It took him years but he determined that
Einstein didn't really have any tools - other than his mind. He also didn't invent things - more discovered them. He built on the work of other scientists and used his own incredible
Without the understanding of how motion and gravity can affect clocks, that Einstein gave us, GPS technology would not work.
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