Ampere Andre Marie?


Andre Marie Ampere is known to have invented the science of electromagnetism. He was the first person to come up with techniques for measuring electricity. The SI unit of measurement of the ampere and electric current is named after him.
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Andre Ampere didn't 'invent' the ampere. The unit for current was named many years after the death of Ampere, in his honour. The ampere is defined in terms of its magnetic effect
André-Marie Ampère (20 January 1775
A French physicist who made important discoveries in electricity. The unit for intensity of current, the Ampere, is named after him. He was also a devout Catholic, and prayed the
André-Marie Ampère is credited with discovering electromagnetism, although he originally called it electrodynamics. The electric current SI unit of measurement is named
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Andre Marie Ampere was a French physicist and mathematician who is one of the main discoverers of electromagnetism, the SI unit of measurement, the electric current and the ampere is named after him
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Andre Marie Ampere was a French physicist who lived in the late 1700s and early 1800s. He is best known for the founding of electromagnetism, and he invented the ...
Andre Ampere invented the theory of electrodynamics which is now known as electromagnetism. He invented the astatic needle which made possible the modern astatic ...
Andre Ampere is well known to have discovered electromagnetism. He was born on 1775 in France and was respected as a physicist and mathematician, making his name ...
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