How Did Anne Frank Change the World?


Anne Frank was one of the most renowned Jewish victims of the Holocaust. When her family went into hiding, she wrote a detailed diary which has become one of the world's most widely read books. She later died in a concentration camp but her father had the diary published.
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Anne Frank
Born: June 12, 1929
Birthplace: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Died: in March 1945
Anne Frank was a Jewish German victim of the Holocaust, whose published diary has had a major impact on the discussion of Jewish persecution at the hands of the Nazi Party.
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For over 20 years Williem Van Maaren an employee of the warehouse where the Frank family was hiding in was accused of being the snitch. Now rumors are that a business associate of
Her father marked her and his other daughter's height on the wall of their secret room. As a growing girl she grew quite a lot in the room but I can't see what the last marking
Anne Frank was caught by the gestapos or Nazis. It was mainly due to the neighbors giving away her hiding location to the Nazis. She was then put into a concentration camp.
Anne was born in Frankfurt Germany and moved to Amsterdam, Holland when she was young. they went into hiding when she was 13 and were caught 25 months later. she later died with in
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Yes, Anne Frank was seeing the boy that she was held captive with. She never got to keep that relationship going since she died in the camp. ...
Anne Frank is one of the most known and discussed victims of Jews during the Holocaust. She took her diary with her when she went into hiding. This diary came ...
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