What Did Bruce Lee Eat?


Bruce Lee's diet consisted of food that were not empty calories and provided benefits to the body. He stayed away from refined sugar, avoided dairy products, and paid attention to his portion sizes and ate four or five small meals a day.
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Bruce Lee. died from cerebral edema, caused by an abnormal reaction from painkillers Lee took to treat a headache. Brandon Lee, his son, died in the making of. The Crow. by a fired
He was born in Hong Kong. Many people thought was the same as China but there wasn't any traveling allowed between both back then.
Martial artist, martial arts instructor, actor, film director, screenwriter.
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Bruce Lee ate Pasta, spaghetti and rice which were his valuable sources of carbohydrates. He took tea every day, mixing it with honey. Supplements were part of his diet and most commonly he would consume two protein drinks a day.
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