What Did Democritus Do?


Democritus of Abdera is popular known for his atomic theory but he was also an outstanding geometer. He was not the first to suggest an atomic theory. His teacher Leucippus had projected an atomic system, as had Anaxagoras of Clazomenae.
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Democritus was an ancient Greek philosopher. He lived from 460 BC to 360 BC. He is known as the most influential of all pre-Socratic philosophers.
the first person to suggest the idea of atoms in the 4th century B.C. --ANSWER-- He was a Greek philosopher who lived sometime between 460 and 370 B.C. He developed the idea which
Democritus, known as the 'laughing philosopher', was one of the two founders of ancient
he was a greek philosopher and he was the first one to come up with a theory on atoms. he thought that all objects could be broken down into one last piece that he called an atom
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Democritus did not discover the atom. He was a Greek Philosopher who conceived the idea that the universe could be divided into smaller and smaller pieces. It ...
Democritus didn't really 'discover' anything. However, he was the first person to come up with the idea that things are made up of smaller invisible parts, i.e ...
Democritus discovered the atom in 460 BC. Democritus was a Greek philosopher and a scientist who showed the atomic concept was useful and also explained a lot ...
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