What Did Girls Wear in the 50s?


In the 50s girls wore full-skirted, calf-length dresses that highlighted small waists. The dresses had belts made of matching fabric including the popular floral, leaves and fruits prints. Others wore straight dresses with pencil skirts.
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In the 50s girls mainly wore dresses with flowing skirts in bright colourful fabrics but due to the war, there was a time where they wore utilitarian clothes. The classic 1950s look of the hourglass shape is sensual and also more realistic than later fashions that demanded a woman be stick-thin to look stylish. You didn't have to spend time at the gym to get your waist slim enough to wear a 1950s dress, there were foundation garments to take care of any bulges.
Girls in the fifties wore poodle skirts and tight sweaters, jeans rolled to the knees and long white shirts. Saddle shoes and ponytails with long scarves tied in them as well.
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