What Did Girls Wear in the 80s?


In the Eighties, fashion for women was jelly bracelets, jelly shoes, neon clothing, leg warmers, shoulder pads, and Guess jeans. They also brought back polka dots, Preppie clothes and wedgies ? which used to be shoes and not an underwear malfunction.? Oversized sweatshirts that could fit a truck inside over tight leggings were the norm.
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What Did Teenage Girls Wear in the '80s?
The 1980s heralded teenage fashion that was loud, gaudy and bright. Accessories were large and worn in layers, and fashion itself was taken to extremes. Girls wanted the look of the pop stars seen on MTV and wanted to create an individualistic look.... More »
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In the 1980?s girls wore shoulder pads, mini skirts, leg warmers, huge earings, fingerless gloves, and parachute pants.
In the 1980s, girls wore neon clothing, leg warmers, shoulder pads, bright coloured clothes, torb jeans and polka dots
What girls wore in the 80s is pretty much what fashion is today. Suede boots, shorts, bright neon colors were some of the 80s trends . Some wore track suits and K-Swiss tennis shoes.
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The 1980s was full of bright colors for both men and women. Tie-dye found its way into the wardrobes of most girls of the 80s. In addition to the bright colors ...
Clothes in the 80s were big, gaudy and bright. Girls were clamouring to look like Madonna. Boys wanted to be like Michael. Hair was big, and either spiky or curly ...
In the 80s, African Americans wore an array of eccentric fashions. The style was psychedelic print shirts, biking shorts, oversized clothing and acid washed denim ...
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