What Did Hippies Wear?


Hippies were a youth subculture originating in San Francisco in the 1960s.Clothes for the hippies were very simple .Some of their clothes included bell-bottoms, daishikis and love beads Their clothes are were colourful and independent. They wore their hair in a straight unkempt look and the men in the hippie culture also grew beards.
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They wore round pineapple glasses with giraffe shoes, and a hot pink fake mustash, and a yellow penguin hat, with polka dots. They wore on their body, a half micky mouse costume.
Hippies didn't usually wear makeup, except for fruit-flavored lip gloss in some cases.Ask us anything!
Hippies wear a lot of organic t shirts. They care about the environment so
The preppie look was smart and semi-formal - a conservative style most often followed by well-behaved teenagers on their way to attending college. Boys typically wore polo shirts
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The hippy clothes have always been popular since the 1960’s. Such include: hip hugging bellbottom jeans with wide belts, halter tops, men can go in for leather vests and sport long hair and beards; these have to be unkempt, micro minis with chains, ankle bells, leather sandals, tie and dye garments, patched skirts, colorful headbands worn with a flower, colorful tees and a peace symbol locket.
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