What Did Hippies Wear?


Hippies were a youth subculture originating in San Francisco in the 1960s.Clothes for the hippies were very simple .Some of their clothes included bell-bottoms, daishikis and love beads Their clothes are were colourful and independent. They wore their hair in a straight unkempt look and the men in the hippie culture also grew beards.
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Hippies wore cool things like, Wire-rim color glasses, love beads,sandals, head bands,
people back then wore heavy eyeshadow colors like green and blue were very popular.blue black and brown eyeliner and mascara.hope that helped u!
The '80s launched many trends, including the preferences for certain clothing labels and the idea of buying jeans that looked like they were already 10 years old. People wore a wide
Modern hippies wear lots of vintage clothing from 2nd hand shops, bright colors, and
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The hippy clothes have always been popular since the 1960’s. Such include: hip hugging bellbottom jeans with wide belts, halter tops, men can go in for leather vests and sport long hair and beards; these have to be unkempt, micro minis with chains, ankle bells, leather sandals, tie and dye garments, patched skirts, colorful headbands worn with a flower, colorful tees and a peace symbol locket.
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