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Native Americans or Indians mainly fed on wild game. Their meals consisted of buffalo, deer, birds and small game, such as rabbits. Some communities fed on fish, berries wild vegetation and fruits.
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The national dish(es) of India include(s): Puran Poli (Maharashtra), Allo Partha and Lassi, Saroo da Saag and Makhi di roti (Punjab), Pongal, Dosai and idly (Tamil Nadu), Parata, custard (Uttar Pradesh), and Pulagam.
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Indians are known for eating wheat, rice, and lentils. These ingredients are commonly made into soups and eaten with flat breads such as chapatis.
Indian spices are colorful and flavorful. Each of the geographical regions of India has its own blend of spices with some similarities. Much of the cuisine is vegetarian. Religious
What kind of Indians. If you mean NATIVE AMERICANS than they eat corn and grown food and buffalo. But if you are referring to actual Indians than they eat spicy food.
1. Indian food is complex, but for our purposes, we can divide it into rice & rice-based (dosai, idli, etc. and breads (chappatis/ Naans/ Rotis) and curries. 2. Use only your
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The plains Indians' main source of food was the buffalo. The buffalo roamed the land in vast herds and were hunted by the plains Indians for food. Buffalo meat ...
Chickensaw Indians were ancient settlers in America. They were mostly found in the southern parts of the United State. They mainly ate corn, peas, beans, squash, ...
The Mandan Indians mainly ate fruits, vegetables and meat as well. They survived by hunting, farming, and gathering wild plants albeit some of their food came ...
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