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James Watt, the son of a merchant, was born in Greenock, Scotland, in 1736. He invented the first steam engine that cooled the used steam in a condenser separate from the main cylinder. He died a very wealthy man in 1819.
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James Watt was born in Greenock, Scotland on January 19, 1736, to a prosperous shipwright. He went to Glasgow to learn about making mathematical instruments, and by the age of 19
His mother Agnus. NOT YOU!
James Watt's improvements to the steam engine converted a machine of limited use, to one
James Watt did not invent the steam engine. However he did improve the design made by Newcome. James Watt was an inventor all of his life. He invented many many things he made improvements
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James Watt
18th century inventor James Watt was a Scottish instrument maker whose improvements on the steam engine helped advance the Industrial Revolution. After an apprenticeship in England, Watt returned to Scotland in 1756 and began earning jobs from professors... More »
Born: January 19, 1736, Greenock, Scotland
Died: August 19, 1819
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James Watt is the man who discovered the steam engine which steered the industrial revolution. The unit of measurement which is used in the measurement of electrical ...
James Watt's full names are James Gaius Watt. He was famously known as a Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer and he was born on 19 January 1736 and died ...
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