Johannes Kepler Inventions?


Johannes Kepler, a mathematician that lived in the 1500-1600s, was the first to discover that the earth and other planets had elliptical orbits around the sun, and not circular orbits as it had previously been thought. This was proven by three laws of planetary motion which he formulated.
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The Kepler Telescope. Or the Telescope
Johannes Kepler invented log books that he used as a tool for calculating planetary
Kepler invented the Keplerian Telescope, which was an improvement on Galileo's refracting telescope design. He invented the telescope in 1611. Source(s)
Biography of the astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) |
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Johannes Kepler invented a telescope called the Kepler Telescope. The Kepler Telescope gave a wider view and the images were projected on a white flat screen.
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