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John De Courcy was a big man, physically very strong, tall with long lean limbs and blond. He moved to the territory of the Dal nAraide in Ireland where he killed the king there. He was a brave man of war always grasping the nettle as well as being the first in action or danger.
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John de Courcy built the famous Carrickfergus castle, we missed going there because of the weather! Rage! Built on the rocky shores of Belfast Lough, County Antrim. John de Courcy's
One of the knights who came to Ireland in the twelfth century, John de Courcy was �a man of courage and a born fighter, always in the front line and always taking upon himself
In early February 1177 John de Courcy, a knight from Somerset who had come over with Henry II in 1171, sallied out from Dublin with 22 mailed horsemen and some three 300 soldiers.
So John de Courcy became the ruler of Lecale and conqueror of many other parts of Ulster. Lands in Lecale were settled by his followers and many of their descendents live in the area
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John de Courcy was an Anglo-Norman knight who got in Ireland in 1176. He died in obscurity in the year 1219. He was the conqueror of Ulster and endowed religious ...
John de Courcy was among the Anglo-Norman lords and knights who invaded and settled in Ireland in the late 12th century during the reign of King Henry II. He came ...
John de Courcy went to Ulster, Ireland in 1176 in order to do a number of things. He is said to have conquered a sizeable region of Ulster, built castles and monasteries ...
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