What did Linus Pauling discover?


Linus Pauling discovered the alpha helix and beta sheet that was the fundamental foundation for the study of protein structure. He discovered the elucidating nature of chemical bonds and the structures of molecules. Linus was an American chemist, peace activist, biochemist, author and educator.
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The chemist and educator, Linus Carl Pauling, is best known for his involvement with the study of molecules and chemical bonds. He was among the first to work in chemistry, biology
James Cook was a British explorer. And while he discovered Newfoundland, and sailed around the Australian coast, he is most famous for having discovered the Hawaiian Islands.
Banneker is called America's first African American intellectual. From an early age he was interested mathematics and mechanics although he was largely self-taught. A popular anecdote
he discovered a scientific discovery.
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The alpha helix was discovered by Linus Pauling when he was guest teaching in Oxford University. He didn't publish his findings until 2 years after the discovery. You can find more information here: http://www.internetwks.com/pauling/alp.html
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