Did Luther Vandross have AIDS?


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Luther Vandross died at the age of 54 on July 1, 2005.
Luther Vandross was one of the most successful R&B vocalists of the late 20th century, famous for his lush voice, soulful and romantic ballads, and his many collaborations with such stars as Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson. Luther Va... More>>
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A Heart Attack :( RIP LUTHER
The cause of his death was never publicly released.
Luther Vandross was born on 20 April 1951 and died on 1 July 2005 at 54, from a stroke. Ask away!
July 1, 2005 (age 54) in Edison, New Jersey, USA
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While rumors persisted for years about Vandross' sexuality, he never publicly came out as gay during his lifetime. Speculation about his sexuality followed him throughout his career and friends claim his weight problems stemmed from loneliness. There have been various claims that he died of AIDS, but these unfounded claims have no merit.

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Luther Vandross had many siblings. All three of his brothers and sisters died before he did. He was the youngest of them all. His siblings were Ann Sanders, Charles ...
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