What did Marco Polo do?


Macro Polo was one of the first Europeans who travelled to Mongolia and China. He became famous for his book, which explained his travels along the Silk Road to China. Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy, around 1254.
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Marco Polo
As a teenager, Marco Polo traveled to China (then known as Cathay) with his father and uncle. The trio spent 20 years at the court of Kublai Khan -- this at a time when few Europeans had ever visited that country. Polo eventually returned to Venice and co... More »
Born: Venice, Italy
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Marco Polo is a children's game played by three or more participants, usually in a swimming pool. It is a tag game where one person is chosen as 'It' who is supposed to close their eyes and try to tag the other players. He/she then shouts Marco while the others shout Polo and this helps the chosen one to acoustically locate the others. If any of the opponents gets out of the water then it is their turn to become 'It'.
Marco polo served as a high level government official for the Great Khan before leaving the empire for Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. He later returned to Venice where he joined the army. He was captured and imprisoned in Genoa where he dictated to a fellow prisoner an account of his travels hence the book The Travels of Marco Polo.
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The traveler and writer Marco Polo, born into a family of Venetian merchants, spent years representing China (then known as Cathay) under the sponsorship of the ...
One of the biggest ways Marco Polo changed the world was to challenge the European view of itself. Europe had a superior attitude that Polo's accounts of his travels ...
Marco Polo brought many things with him from China. He brought paper, paper currency, mechanical devices, coal, the compass, porcelain, imperial post, and pasta. ...
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