What Did Marie Curie Discover?


Marie Curie is famous for having discovered two radioactive elements, radium and polonium. She is also accredited for having discovered that the ability to emit radiation depends on the interior of the atom and not their arrangement in a molecule. She died of a type of anaemia that results from over exposure to large amounts of radiation.
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she discovered radioactivity, and she isolated polonium and radium.
Marie Curie who discovered the element radium in
Marie Curie: 1st person to win Nobel Prize twice. Did not discover Radium in Cornwall, but mined it from there following its discovery in Czech Rep.
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Marie Curie is best known for her pioneering work on radioactivity.
She also discovered the elements of polonium and radium, and she directed the world's first research into treating cancer using radioactive isotopes.
Marie Curie, together with her husband, discovered two elements; radium and polonium. These are radioactive elements that they extracted from pitchblende ore. Due to this discovery, radium became the key to basic understanding of matter and energy.
Marie Curie discovered radiation in compounds. Her work in this field led to her dying of radiation poisoning. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1903.
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