What did Michael Faraday do?


Michael Faraday discovered electrical induction. He studied chlorine, discovered two new chlorides of carbon and also made the first rough experiments on the diffusion of gases. Faraday also succeeded in liquefying several gases, investigated the alloys of steel, and produced new kinds of glass intended for optical purposes.
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Michael Faraday was born on September 22, 1791.
Michael Faraday was born on Sept 22, 1791, in Newington Butts, near London. His father
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He discovered magnetic optical rotation and invented the dynamo 1821
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Michael Faraday
Although he had little formal education, Michael Faraday went on to become one of the most influential scientists in the field of electricity. He spent his professional career in the laboratory of the Royal Institution in London (1813-62), where he got h... More »
Born: September 22, 1791, Newington, Surrey, England
Died: August 25, 1867
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Michael Faraday is accredited for having invented the electric motor and the laws of electrolysis. He is best known for having made discoveries in the field of ...
Some of the inventions accredited to Michael Faraday include: electro-magnetic induction, electro-magnetic rotations, the magneto-optical effect, diamagnetism ...
Michael Faraday died in 1867, on August 25th, in Hampton Court, London, England. He was buried at the Highgate Cemetery West, in London, England. ...
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