What did Nicolaus Copernicus discover?


Nicolaus Copernicus is an astronomer and mathematician born on February 19, 1473, in Torun, Poland. He discovered that the Earth revolves around the sun, the center of the solar system. This concept is called the heliocentric theory.
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Nicolas Copernicus is best known for being the first to propose that the Earth and planets revolved around the sun.
This challenged the widely held view that Earth was the center of the universe. His book On the Revolutions of Celestial Spheres, is a landmark in scientific history, and the period following this is referred to as the Copernican Revolution.
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The fact that Nicolaus Copernicus discovered about the universe, is that the Earth was also a planet. The Earth along with other planets revolve around the sun ...
Nicolaus Copernicus never married nor did he have children until his death. Nicolaus Copernicus was the first astrophysicist to invent a complete heliocentric ...
Discoveries of Nicolaus Copernicus shaped the way we look at modern science. He was one of the first scientists to discover that the Earth revolved around the ...
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