What Did Princess Diana Do to Change the World?


One way in which princess Diana changed the world was to bring the suffering of people in poor developing countries to the public eye, and to raise awareness about their plight. She heavily campaigned towards the alleviation of poverty, finding a cure for AIDS and the end of the use and sale of land mines. Her openness about her own problems and devotion to her causes made her an inspirations to everyone.
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Princess Diana
Lady Diana Frances Spencer was just 20 when she married Prince Charles, heir to the throne of Britain, on 29 July 1981. Her beauty and youthful charisma quickly earned Diana the nickname of "the people's princess." She and Charles had two... More »
Born: July 1, 1961, Norfolk, England
Died: August 31, 1997
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Princess Diana changed the world through her charity work. She was particularly noted for her work with the homeless and with victims of AIDs, landmines and leprosy. To her great credit, she was willing to be photographed touching an AIDs victim, which helped destigmatise the disease for the British public.
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