Robert Boyle Inventions?


Robert Boyle's most well known invention is the matchstick. He discovered that a small piece of wood coated in sulphur could ignite if rubbed against a piece of paper coated in phosphorus. Boyle is also well known for discovering Boyle's law, the law which connects the pressure and volume of a gas.
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boyle's law.
In 1680 Boyle invented the first match although it would be many years before matches
(1627–91) English chemist and physicist, born in Ireland. After moving to Oxford in 1654 he worked on gases, using an air pump made by Robert Hooke. In 1662 he discovered Boyle's
BOYLE'S WORK. Boyle carried out his most active research while he lived in Oxford. Much of his research dealt with the behavior of gases, including the earth's atmosphere. By careful
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Robert Boyle came up with a theory that is now referred to as Boyle's Law. Boyle's Law states that the amount of space gas takes up (in a room, tank, or balloon, ...
Robert Hooke was an English scientist who invented the air pump and the universal joint. He built the air pump for Robert Boyle, which became the ancestor of the ...
Robert Hooke invented some scientific things like; the universal joint, the iris diaphragm, the anchor escapement and the balance spring. He is known to have contributed ...
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