What Did Robert Koch Discover?


Robert Koch is accredited with the discovery of tuber bacillus which is a bacteria that occurs both in human and bovine species. It is responsible for the tuberculosis disease. He also became a Nobel Laureate for these works.
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Robert Koch used the compound microscope to free the slaves a convex lenses the used it to discover stuff of that today.
he discovered the hook's law of elasticity
He observed a piece of cork under the microscope he invented. He noticed the small chambers which resembled the rooms monks lived in called 'cells'
Robert hooke was the scientist who discovered and first used the term 'cells' for the structural and functional unit of a living organism.he observed plant cells of a cork tissue.
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Robert Koch was a German born doctor and microbiologist famous for his research work. He was the first to isolate the virus that causes tuberculosis and in 1905 won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his published findings.
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