What Did the Algonquins Eat?


People of the Algonquins Tribe were both hunter-gathers and farmers.  They ate dear, caribou, and beavers, among other woodland animals.  In the summertime, they fished.  The women were responsible for gathering berries, nuts, tubers, wild rice.  During the early spring when the sap rose in the trees and maple syrup became available, they collected the sweet treat.  They also grew and harvested corn, beans and squash.
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They ate deer's, bird, caribous, rabbits and other small animal's. Also they were very good hunters.
Algonquins ate things they hunted, gathered, and fished. They gathered wild berries, nuts, roots, stalks, leaves, pumpkins,wild rice, corn, beans, sunflowers, peppers, potatoes, etc
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