What Did the Aztecs Do?


Aztecs were hardworking builders who were able to make pyramids, temples etc. They were also conquerors who collected tribute from conquered states. The Aztecs were also good at making weapons, jewelry and clothing.
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1. Recognize that Mayan and Aztec cultures share many similarities, but show clear differences in societal structure and religious beliefs. The differences emerge in their architecture
Aztec an ancient civilization.
Matthew Higgons.
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Ancient Aztec wear a cloth which is generally loose fitting and did not completely cover the body. This cloth was generally made of cotton (imported) or ayate ...
Aztecs is a general term that is used to describe a tribe in Mexico called the Chichimec tribe. The Aztecs spoke a language referred to as the Nahautl language. ...
Aztecs ate Tlaxcalli, which was composed of corn-meal pancake. They also ate plenty of vegetables and cereals. The Aztecs also supplemented their diet with protein ...
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