What Did the Celts Do?


The Celts are credited with introducing poor, Irish linen, Scottish plaids, Irish jigs, Scottish reels, Welsh dragons, the fiddle, the bagpipe, the Celtic harp, and many wonderful folk and fairy tales to Britain. The Celts were a diverse group of societies in Iron Age and Roman-era Europe who spoke Celtic languages.
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There are two divisions of celts, the British and the Gaelic celts. Welsh, Cornish and Bretons are British celts and Irish, Scots and Manx are Gaelic celts.
A lot of people don't know who the Celts are. The Celts were tribes that roamed around Europe, but especially where modern day Ireland, Scotland, and Britain lie. The Celts were a
(sĕlt) n. A common prehistoric tool of stone or metal, shaped like a chisel or ax head. [Medieval Latin celtis, chisel.]
Celts:1:a member of a European people who once occupied Britain and Spain and Gaul prior to Roman
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The Celts did not wear kilts from the start. Like everyone else they wore trousers made from sheep wool. They however loved bright colors and so they dyed their ...
The Celts were the first European people to emerge from the Alps. Their food consisted mainly of boiled pork, roast beef, bread, game, fish with cheese, curds, ...
Features of dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes were found occasionally in Norway. They became more common in Iceland as blond Norwegians mingled with darker Celts ...
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