What did the Egyptians put in their tombs?


Ancient Egyptians believed it was very important to preserve the human body. The bodies were buried in the tombs with all of their belongings that they believed they would need in the afterlife. The tomb walls were also painted with scenes of their life.
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Along with dead pharohs, they would put in the pharohs belongings, slaves, pets, and other possessions. The slaves went volunterrenly died and had mass suisides.
The main object put in an Egyptian tomb is the body of the tomb's owner, which had undergone the process of mummification. Other than this, the Egyptians included the personal effects
Egyptians love to eat grilled meat, beans and vegetables. Date- fruit is grown there and they like to eat it too. They prefer to eat wheat and barley instead of rice, they are bread
Egyptians put the dead person's body organs and other parts of the humans belongings. If you were to visit a burial chamber, you would see some types of jewelry, or handmade baskets
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What Did They Put in Egyptian Tombs?
Egyptian tombs were built during the time of the pharaohs from around 3100 to 1100 B.C. Architecture of tombs evolved from relatively simple structures to massive stone pyramids to elaborately decorated underground tunnels.... More »
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Some of the things that Egyptians put in their tombs were material goods like clothing, jewelleries and furniture. It was believed that the dead would need these things on their journey to afterworld. These tombs were built in the times of pharaoh from 3100 to 1100 B.C.
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