What did the Incas eat?


The Inca ate many of the same foods the people today eat, including corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, beans, tapioca, peppers, peanuts, and quinoa. Potatoes were a staple because of their ability to withstand frosts that occurred high within the Andes mountain.
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What Did Inca People Eat?
The Inca Empire, a society of indigenous people in South America, existed from 1200 A.D. to 1537 A.D. Although the Inca eventually perished, their legacy carries on through our historical studies. Part of that legacy is the Inca diet, a major key to... More »
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The food eaten by the Incas include vegetables, roots and meat from different wild animals that they hunted. The Inca empire is also known to have been the largest empire in the pre-Columbian America.
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The most common food for the Incas comprised of potatoes and a variety of tubers. They also fed on vegetables, meat, fish and drinks such as chicha. Their ability ...
Inca houses were made from stone blocks and they had angled, thatched roofs. The Incas used mainly granite stones, because it was a hard, sturdy building material ...
The Incas existed between 1200 and 1535 AD before been conquered by the Spanish. Before they were conquered, they had an empire that was divided into four Suyu ...
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