What Did the Radical Republicans Believe in?


Radical Republicans were active from about 1854 to 1877. They believed in the abolition of slavery and advocated for the civil rights of people who had recently been freed. They also disagreed largely with Andrew Johnson's policies.
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I'm assuming that you mean the Radical wing of the Republican Party which rose to power in the years following the American Civil War? Radical Republicans supported punishing the
Radical Republican's were the driving force of the Civil War. They
The Radical Republicans wanted to punish the South for secession, and they wanted Congress to be in charge of reconstruction, not the President. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday
I assume that you are asking about the radicals' agenda with regard to Reconstruction and the South. If so, the radical Republicans thought that President Johnson would support their
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Radical Republicans believed in the abolishment of slavery, that any freed slaves should have total equality with white citizens and that their rights should be protected. These were men with very little patience and minimal tolerance who addressed issues such as the 13th Amendment, reconstruction policies, emancipation, Confiscation Acts and enlistment of black people.
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