What Did the Slaves Eat?


Most slaves did not get quality feeding from their masters hence they mostly ate what was grown on the farms and any excesses available. Their monthly allowance of food was about eight pounds of pork, some fish, and one bushel of corn meal. During summer months, they received a little butter milk and some vegetables.
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Slaves of which country and when? Slaves have been kept for thousands of years, and they often ate the simplest food of the culture at the time. This was usually stale bread and possibly
Black slaves in the US usually did all manner of jobs. Cotton picking, sugar cane harvesting, cooking, household chores, child rearing.etc.
they said ma'am, sir, etc.
3 of the main things they grew were sugar, tobacco and cotton.
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The slaves in the cotton plantations grew their own food and sometimes their owners would give them pots and pans to cook. Some slave owners may give them a little meat and maybe some corn bread. Sometimes the children would be sent to go and fish in the river to supplement what they were given..
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