What did the women wear in the 1920s?


Women’s fashion changed dramatically in the 1920s after World War I. The flapper style, with its higher hemline and looser, more boyish silhouette, is most commonly associated with women’s fashion during that time period. Overall, clothes were more colorful, less formal and more playful, reflecting the nation’s overall feeling of freedom.

In the late '20s, a curve-less, more boyish look was fashionable. The waistline was no longer a focal point, and women wore belts around their hips. It was common for women to wear brassieres that flattened their busts. Hemlines fluctuated throughout the decade, but generally hovered just below the knee. Skirts were generally straight rather than pleated. Casual sporting attire for women, such as tennis outfits, bathing suits and large-brim hats, was a new trend for women in the '20s.

As a result of the shortened hemlines, shoes and stockings became more important to women in the '20s, because they were more visible. Women began wearing silk stockings in various colors and patterns to coordinate with their outfits. Clothing was more readily mass-produced in the 1920s, which made them less expensive. Clothing was also available for purchase from mail-order catalogs, so women who lived in the country had access to more urban style.

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