What Did They Eat in Medieval Times?


Meat was very popular and although it had weird names, (fried pig's head) it tasted good. Beef and mutton (lamb), venison or deer meat, was eaten a lot too and so were poultry, game and wild birds. People liked eating vegetables like onions, garlic and herbs that they would pick from the castle garden. These were eaten with meat or fish.
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What Did People Eat in the Medieval Times?
Legends and folklore surrounding Europe in the Middle Ages bring to mind visions of a joyful and plump king feasting on a turkey leg with his loyal subjects. Movies have perpetuated a vision of savage manners and lack of etiquette, but what was really... More »
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A medieval knight would eat meat and vegetables in the morning. The knights were warriors who wore heavy armour and they were mostly wealthy men. ...
Medieval currency was divided among numerous regional denominations of cash and account money, which was used exclusively for calculating large transactions and ...
The types of medieval food eaten by medieval knights included: bread loaf, meat stew made from deer, boar, hares and rabbit meat and vegetables such as leeks, ...
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