What Did Things Cost in 1974?


The yearly inflation in 1974 was 17.2% in the UK. The average house price was £ 10,990 with a gallon of petrol priced at £ 0.42.
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Here are some prices on how much things cost back in 1987. A gallon of regular gas in 1987 was only $95 a gallon. A first class postage stamp was $22. A gallon of milk was $2.28.
The average price of a movie ticket in 1974 was $1.87.
Congressional Budget Office.
How much things costed in the year I was born 1968:Average cost of a new house $14,950,average income per year $7,500,average monthly rent $130,GAS per gallon 34 cents,average cost
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What Things Cost in 1974
Average Prices in 1974
Car: $4,440
House: $38,900
Gas: $0.53
Bread: $0.28
Gallon of Milk: $1.39
Stamp: 10 cents
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