What did Thomas Edison invent?


Thomas Edison is credited with making a number of inventions namely: the cylinder phonograph, disc phonograph, electricity, kinetophone, kinetoscope, film projectors and motion pictures. This American inventor, scientist, and businessman greatly influenced life around the world as we know it today.
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Thomas Edison is best known for his invention of the first practical light bulb, the phonograph and the motion picture camera.
Thomas Edison is credited with inventing a total of 1,063 items. He filed patents rights for these inventions. Among them are the paraffin paper, electrical vote recorder, electric pen, carbon rheostat, first electric generator, phonograph and the electric chair.
The first great invention developed by Edison in Menlo Park was the tin foil phonograph. The other known best invention was Electricity and Light bulb where he developed a total of seven system elements that were critical to the practical application of electric lights as an alternative to the gas lights that were prevalent in that day.
Lots and lots of things. Though his most famous invention would have to be the electric lightbulb. He also invented the phonograph and the Kinetoscope, which could record and reproduce objects in motion (so, a motion picture).
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