Winston Churchill's Role in WW2?


Winston Churchill is greatly recognized as having led Great Britain for most of World War II, after his appointment as the Prime Minister of Britain. He was the most dominant figure in British politics during the war and he had a firm stand against Nazism, which was the primary reason behind the war.
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Winston Churchill
Born: November 30, 1874
Birthplace: Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England
Died: January 24, 1965
Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature and was the first person to be made an Honorary Citizen of the United States.
Throughout the Second World War, Sir Winston Churchill played a civil leaders' and military role. From the start, he had negative views about the Nazi's manifesto and led his army and country against them. He also played a uniting role for the English, including visiting the bombed areas during the blitz.
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On September 3rd, 1939, Winston Churchill was back in the government when Chamberlain appointed him First Lord of the Admiralty. The seeming failure of the government, including the
Sir Winston Churchill served as the British Prime Minister from 1940
See Iron Curtain speech.
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill led the United Kingdom in World War II, and was a renowned politician. He was a Prime Minister for the UK, and won a Nobel Peace Prize in literature
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Winston Churchills' contribution to WW2 was his leadership to Great Britain. He was known for his bulldog tenacity and ability to read the mood of the British ...
Sir Winston Churchill died at his home in Hyde park Gate, London. He had suffered a stroke 2 weeks before, from which he didn't recover. His wife and other members ...
Winston Churchill was married to Clementine Ogilvy Spencer-Churchill who was later known as Baroness Spencer-Churchill. She was born on 17th of May in 1965, got ...
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